Ransom Notes


Traveling in these wicked twists and turns in my head.

How has this happened? I would love to find,

A most comfortable place to rest my mind.


These winding turns, alluring, they may be.

I do not want to pick this ugly fight.

Though you hold me hostage, with strength, Might.


I have begged for your unearned trust.

You leave invisible Ransom Notes,

Promises. Just as invisible. Sinking boat.

Yet I float.

I cannot make happen, what will not be.

I cannot force an aching heart, to feel,

That which it will not, that which isn’t ideal.

I heal.



 I am passionate about writing… having fallen in love with poetry when I was 11 after an assignment in school in which I had to memorize and recite poems. I loved how poems could be elusive, inspiring discussions about what the writer is trying to convey. Oftentimes, words can be stringed together to create a beautiful poem that seems to be about a specific person or object, even if the true subject matter isn’t about a particular person, or time in life, but rather about an inanimate object.

That is the beauty in writing.


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Fighting Mental Illness One Step At A Time!

4 thoughts on “Ransom Notes

  1. For anyone reading this who is unsure about their ability to write a poem yourself, here’s one I wrote for folk for find themselves in that position. Hopefully it will encourage you. 🙂


    When you learn to distinguish
    between what is truly good in poetry
    (especially your own)
    and what is – shall we say – not so good
    then you are almost there.

    The rest is just practice, daring,
    risk taking and self confidence.
    Satisfying yourself is the foundation.
    Rules are there to follow or break;
    pleasing others a welcome bonus.

    So leave the back door wide open
    and invite the Musey Lady in for a brew.
    She loves to take a load off.
    If she’s silent, it’s only ‘cos she’s thinking.
    She’s just observing, sipping her tea.

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