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I am happy to share our sister site with you. It revolves around a healthy lifestyle triggered by the sport of triathlon… the story of a couple who love, train, and live an active lifestyle.

The gentleman, Jesse, has been a triathlete well over ten years. Having competed in Iron Man’s, Olympic, and Sprint distance triathlons, Jesse applied the same tools acquired by the structure of the sport, to his life.

The results were nothing short of amazing.

Jesse had an absolutely horrific childhood, and as an adult, he struggled greatly. His mental health was ignored, and it was a matter of time before he had a mental break. Then as he approached his 30’s, he got involved in the sport of triathlon. His determination, bad ass athletic abilities, and ability to go deep and suffer had made him a top triathlete.

Then he met Riss… and they fell madly in love.

He taught Riss all the things he had learned, and they began training together. Even though Jesse hasn’t competed in over a year, running, cycling, and hiking is now a huge part of their lives… and neither rules out the possibility of future competitions.

The training is a must for both of them, regardless of the finish line. What is important is that all that exercise is not only good for you physically, but it is also great for you mentally.

Check it out… TRITOFLY – and sign up for notifications! Since it is self-hosted, it doesn’t show up in the reader, and if you want updates, you will need to subscribe with your email.

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Fighting Mental Illness One Step At A Time!

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