Becoming Me♥

Thank you for visiting thebipolarmuse. I am honored you are sharing along this journey as I continue on my road of personal growth both physically and mentally.

A little background: For the last 31yrs I have endured crippling depression, and the ever brutal Bipolar disorder… along with several comorbid disorders such as Borderline Personality Disorder, general Anxiety, and Panic Disorders.

I chose to create a place to share my struggles and triumphs in the hope that others who struggle as I do can come to understand they are not alone, and know that life is beautiful… let’s learn from one another and work towards inspiring those around us.

I do plan to share content from the old blog here at the new and improved thebipolarmuse2.0 (as I affectionately call it), but not everything will be transferred over. While the other was about my journey… it had a “darker” feel to it… a ruthless anger that had taken over, permeating everything… and these days I believe positivity would be better suited to share. Certainly there is a place for anger, even a healing quality can come from it, but it can become all consuming and be a dangerous distraction.

I want to share my newfound love of life, living, share my hope… and bring attention to what I am passionate about.

I have learned so much over the last couple years that sparked much change in my life… and with the help of  my soulmate, healing has taken place. I have learned that true, selfless, passionate, kind, yet challenging love can truly make a positive change in ones life. When love is intense… shared without fear… challenges your cynicism… and one  chooses to bring down those walls built over time in an effort to protect the heart… this love, combined with finding  your passion… there is no ‘break’ in the heart, or crushed spirit that cannot be healed.

It takes work… just as anything worthwhile takes much work, determination, and persistence… but healing can happen. Love CAN be felt. While loving others, I’ve found an intense form of immersion therapy for me that has challenged what I use to believe about love, living, and thriving! I want to share this all with you!!!

I hope you continue to follow along allow me to be that beacon in the darkness… to help you see that you are not alone in your struggles… I promise to you, you most certainly are not alone… there are many of us out here! Imagine the possibilities if we were to network together and build one another up??

As you press forward through your own journey, refer back here for inspiration, for a moment out of that darkness that makes life seem unbearable… come here for relief from that darkness, even if it is for a short moment… lets share this journey together!

Because even that short moment in the warmth of the light that is there for us all, growth is occurring… not only growth, but “HOPE” becomes easier to find. Hope has a place in our lives, an important place… as it is able to push away that darkness and help you to find the spark you have always had… it was simply hidden and difficult to see.

Find your passions, and discover HOPE find your spark that brings you back to life… from a spark you can build a blaze! Believe in yourself learn to love YOU above all else… for when you truly love yourself, you find an inner peace you never knew existed… and when you have learned to be comfortable in your own skin, and love YOU, life falls into place…  loving others selflessly brings amazing growth on a personal AND spiritual level (even for those not ‘religious’)… and it heals! If it heals you, imagine what it may do for those in your wake… ones sorrow and joy certainly has a ripple effect.

We may struggle, and we may seem to be tortured souls… but WE get to choose how to live, to thrive, to make a difference in our own world while inadvertently helping those around us.

Life is beautiful… share that beauty… ♥