Happiness Is Like A Butterfly…

October 18, 2020 2 min read
Happiness Is Like A Butterfly

What is happiness to you?

Over the years, I have been guilty of chasing “happiness”. Additional to chasing it, I’m also guilty of putting it off.

You know what I mean… if I could just get a promotion, I would be happy. Or if I made a certain dollar amount, I could finally be truly happy… etc.

However, I have learned that happiness isn’t something on the horizon or around the corner of some materialistic achievement. True happiness is found within and more importantly, true happiness is born from the ups and downs that come with life… a gift especially of the downs we endure.

Happiness quote- Happiness is like a butterfly...

Happiness is like a butterfly…

when you chase it,

it’s fleeting and difficult to grab hold of.

Yet, if you learn to be present

and to “be still”,

it will land upon you all its own.

And from this place…

you can gaze upon it with gratitude and awe

for its inspiration, its beauty

and for having graced you with its presence at all.

I finally realized I was looking at “happiness” the wrong way…

It isn’t to be chased, it’s not a destination to be reached, nor is it the end-all to my many mood swings. Happiness is not a “state of being”… where once reached will remain until my final breath. That is not what it is to be happy or human.

To be human is to experience the ups and downs of life, to feel elation and at times sadness, and at times for no reason at all.

Happiness is fleeting which is what makes it happiness and what makes life so f’n wonderful when we do get to experience moments of great joy!

If the only emotion we could feel was happiness, it would become lost to us forever… for there’d be nothing to compare it to. In fact, its abundance would cause it to lose its value.

Therefore, we need to have fluctuating moods and even a bit of sadness because, without them, we couldn’t truly appreciate feeling happy when it does finally land upon us and grace us with its presence.

What are your thoughts about “chasing happiness”? Please comment below and share your thoughts and experiences with us.

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