“Imagine for A Moment”- A Different Life Perspective During the Coronavirus Pandemic

September 6, 2020 5 min read
A different life perspective during the Coronavirus. "Imagine For a Moment"

The coronavirus has changed our world as we know it. Showing us exactly what our weaknesses are as a society. From medical preparedness to government leadership, this virus has stripped us of the truth we thought we knew and laid bare all our mistakes.

Furthermore, it revealed both how mentally unprepared we are and the rampant mental illness among the masses. People simply lack the skills to cope with this hidden enemy. The result? A mental health crisis in addition to the physical health crisis.

However, like everything else in life, our perception molds our life experience. For this reason, I want to help you think outside the box, to see from another point of view. To do this, I need you to “imagine for a moment” a different life perspective during the coronavirus pandemic. Don’t worry, you just need to read along… I got you.

What Would You Value?

Imagine you are a young adult, in the prime of life. Now imagine that you are dying of cancer. What would you value? Do your values stay the same, or change drastically?

Would you break the chains of the personal baggage you’ve dragged behind you? How different would you perceive the world around you?

Take a moment and Imagine releasing the pain, sadness, unrealistic expectations that have shaped your life… to no longer experience your world through the lens of your past.


Imagine you only have days to live. Would you appreciate being stuck in traffic with your family, or feel annoyed at your kids bickering in the backseat? Is it possible to release expectations and find beautiful moments within the mundane?

If you only had days left, would you feel frustrated the dishwasher wasn’t loaded to your specs, or feel grateful that someone took the initiative to load it at all?


Imagine for a moment that you only have a single day. Would you let go of perceived wrongdoings by others and forgive? Then, in turn, forgive yourself for wasting precious time beating yourself up for things beyond your control? Would you speak with compassion and tell yourself you did your very best, assuring yourself that’s what truly matters.


Imagine your living your last moments. Are you focusing on your imperfections and the imperfections of others?

Do you still place importance on fixing your one crooked tooth? When you look at the lines on your face do you see someone “ugly and old”? Or do you now see the beauty in those crows feet as they most certainly are a reminder of all the laughter and happiness shared with others?

What Would You Give?

Imagine for a moment that this second is all you have left. What would you give to be locked down with your family? How different would you feel about shopping with a mask on, does it really matter one way or another, or would you just be happy to be a part of life in general and able to shop at all?

Again, imagine “now” is all you have to live. Do you still find “things” to be important? What would you give to spend less time working to acquire materialistic things, and instead spend it nourishing the relationships with those you care about?


If you only have the present to live, what would you give to express your love and kindness to those you love, or anyone who needs to feel uplifted? How important does it become to say “I love you”, or to hug your kids again and again?

What would you give to take back words said in anger or take back an argument that was petty and uncalled for? In the grand scheme of things, how much does your OCD matter? Is your sense of “control” worth the turmoil it brings?


What would you give, if you died today, to homeschool your kids to protect them from a virus? Would you find yourself annoyed at their presence because you need your alone time?


Imagine you have met your end. Oh, how different you would see things!

Would you give anything for another day in quarantine and find fulfillment therein? Would you fight and resist safety measures, or look upon both with a happy heart to remain on this earth and a part of those you love?

Welcoming the chance to do nothing or marathon Netflix with your family?

Life Is Perspective and Perception

Dear friends, life is perspective and perceptions. Interestingly, one’s misery can truly be another’s dream*. You may curse and rant over bumper to bumper traffic and feel like you’re going crazy as your kids argue from the backseat, but a mother dying of cancer would cherish that same scenario.

A mind is a powerful tool and that which you put belief into will come to be. Likewise, ‘the wolf you feed’ is the one that will be stronger. While thoughts are just thoughts, if you understood their power, you would never have another negative thought for the rest of your life.


Without further ado, I have a secret to share with you… you are dying.

As am I.

One doesn’t need to be diagnosed with a terminal condition to know such. After all, death is a part of the human condition.

Not a single soul will outsmart death and whether death comes calling tomorrow or next year, answering that call is mandatory for all of us.

We all know this, yet live as though we will be around forever, wasting away life working around the clock to afford things that cannot be taken with us in death.

Meditate upon this for a few moments, not to scare yourself to death (pun intended), but to tap into your sense of gratefulness for the reminder.

I Dare You To Awaken

waken to that which is already within you. Understand and feel the truth we must all face… life is impermanent and your death (as is everyone’s) is imminent.

Then live your life with this knowledge at the forefront of your mind.

In all reality, the “now”, the moment you are in this second is all we ever have and it is time to live by this truth. To engage with life and the living, and express your love and kindness to those around you. Most importantly, look at life through this new perspective and apply love, kindness, and gratefulness to every aspect of your life. As a result of shifting your perception, your stress and worry will leave you.

Ultimately, if we all lived from a place of gratefulness and kindness, there would be no room for the fear that mankind is currently gripped by.

In Conclusion

look at each day as another day gifted to you. Another day to love with your whole heart, to demonstrate kindness in the face of fear and unknowing, and be an example that others want to emulate because the light you give is warm and soothing to the soul.

I had a coworker who would always say that “each day above ground is a blessed day” and he was right. Each day offers opportunities and growth.  In addition, it is another day to bask in the love of those you cherish. Don’t allow this virus to take that from you, figuratively and literally.

Together we can and will get through this!

Much love friends…


How are you mentally surviving the Coronavirus? What tools do you use to keep a level head and wade through the bullsh*t?



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