Redefining God- An awakening

September 5, 2020 4 min read
An Awakening- Redefining God

Enjoy the audio format of this post if reading isn’t an option, or not preferred. Happy listening!~ Muse

I was raised to believe in a creator who sits high on a throne above. Unaccessible and noting every mistake I make. Ready to pass judgment and either reward me or punish me.

Then I realized something very profound: that isn’t God, that is man.

So, if that is man, then where is my Creator??

Redefining God, an awakening occurred within me. And I urge you to seek your own awakening and live the existence you are meant to live… with heaven in your heart here on earth.

God Is Everywhere and In Everything

Then suddenly, from deep within I could hear a resounding truth. A truth that reverberated through me, waking every cell that I had so desperately numbed through the years.

As this wave crashed over me, grace flowed through me. Goosebumps rise up and my heartbeat quickens. From my bones to my flesh, to the deepest parts of my mind, this truth confirmed what I have known all along…

God is everywhere and in everything.

God is just as present in a grain of sand as a butterfly fluttering about. The Divine perches with birds and flows with water, and is the warmth of the light shining upon us.  From the molecules that comprise the oxygen we breathe to the breeze that caresses our skin, God is certainly everywhere, including within.

A Paradigm Shift

When you can see God in the fly you usher through the window just as God resides in the tears of a mother who lost a child, newfound compassion, and understanding rises up from us. We embrace all of existence equally, from a fly to a gnat, even a rock, we respect their place in the cycle that is life, and the gift of our living world.

As you stop looking for God the “punisher” and come to the realization that God is residing within each and every one of us and within every “thing”, a paradigm shift occurs. You begin to look at your world with the eyes of a child, with wonder, awe, curiosity, kindness, and innocence. Equally loving the animate and inanimate… nurturing both a pet cat and a pet rock for both hold the essence of God.

The Substance Of Stars

Gratefulness, kindness, and compassion replace feelings of inadequacy and overwhelming anxiousness. You no longer treat your body with contempt but instead want to nourish and care for it, treating it with utmost respect, as a temple should be treated.

Furthermore, you look at your fellow man and woman with a different set of eyes.

When you can see God everywhere, you don’t look upon the differences among mankind with judgment, nor with envy. Instead, you see yourself in the eyes of everyone you pass on the street… you see yourself in the broken and forgotten, just as you see yourself in the enlightened.

You feel the energy of the cosmos flowing through your veins, and understand that you are brilliantly made, the substance of stars. Birthed of the energy of this universe, not as a separate individual but as a collective.

You Can Access Divinity

Imagine and feel the warm connection of that energy, the energy that binds you and me and everything else. The same energy that connects all that has ever been, all that is, and all that will ever be.

Bask in the knowledge that the Divine is not perched high above, beyond reach and unattainable. The Divine resides in your very being and you can access that Divinity at any time.

Just as you are, you already possess all the strength, power, and inspiration you could ever need.

The greatest lie ever told was that we need to find God. For God was never lost and has been within you all along.

Divine Energy

At every opportunity, quiet your mind and be still. Observe your breath as you breathe in and out. Connect with the energy of our Universe… imagine it, feel it, BE IT.

The same Divine energy that flows through you and me, is giving life to the stars in our sky. It’s the same energy guiding the planets in their orbit, and all the galaxies traveling the expanse of the universe.

That energy gives life to all of the cosmos, and to us, existing in the infinite space that is GOD.

A few weeks ago, I sat down to redefine what God is to me. Over the years, my spirituality has shifted but the one constant has been that I do believe in something bigger than myself.

As my love of science has grown, and specifically, physics, learning about the energy of all things has only solidified my belief in an “ultimate source” for this energy.

However, it wasn’t until I reread this post that I realized an awakening of sorts has taken place within me. I am thrilled to discover this and even more thrilled to continue in knowledge and making changes to my life accordingly.

There are a deep peace and euphoric joy that comes with this awakening! I no longer feel “disconnected” and my life is no longer only a reaction to pain and fear. My new goal is to continue growing further in this awakening and share my experience with others.

Have you experienced an awakening of sorts? If so, please share your experience in the comments below.


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