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August 29, 2020 4 min read
Change Your Story

Welcome. Pull up a chair and gather around friends.

For many years I have battled with mental health issues. As a result, I can say with honesty that I have fucked up my life a time or two.

Regardless, I have time and time again picked up the pieces and rebuilt my life. And I dare say that I was stronger every time.

Why Blog

Blogging has been an amazing way to get the darkness out of me and to reflect on my experiences. It is a journal of all journals, meant to inspire me to keep growing on a personal level.

What I didn’t expect was the way I would be able to reach others and inspire them as well. It is a beautiful thing to receive emails from people who express their appreciation for my efforts here.

In addition, I was surprised to find that as I researched skills to use in my life and share in my blog posts, I found myself a  little more positive with spunk in my step. As I mention in my “about” page, I learned that “where attention goes, energy flows.”

If I wrote dark and depressing things all the time, my mood reflected that. Then I tested this out and began to focus on the science behind positivity and next thing I know, I became ‘Positive Patty’. That may sound silly but I am totally serious.

From Bipolar Desperation To Bipolar Inspiration

After taking every medication under the sun and going through serious therapy, I still felt mentally devastated. This is where desperation sets in for me and I started to think that I would forever feel broken.

But wait… what about the shift that took place from engrossing myself in all things positive? That couldn’t have been a fluke right?

This realization lifted the weight off of my chest instantly. For the first time, I began to entertain the idea that my own mind held the key and power to my transformation.

Where attention goes energy flows- so I then decided to learn everything I could about the science of happiness and apply it to my life. I decided to put my heart and soul into every workbook, and every worksheet and make serious efforts to fix my self-limiting thinking errors.

My poor mental health was no longer going to be my identity… and believing such was the catalyst I needed. What I didn’t previously understand was that I held that catalyst all along!

Additionally, I made gratitude, acceptance, mindful meditation, movement, and attitude (GAMMA) the focal point of each and every day. Kindness became my mantra, exercise became my antidepressant, and GAMMA led to the single most important thing we all need to do in order to live a life free of depression and anxiety: Living your truth (LYT).

From Bipolar Disorder To Order

GAMMA LYT is the acronym I live by that has helped me go from living a mentally unbalanced life to one of balance. From bipolar disorder to order.

It happens to be an acronym of my most favorite science as well, so each time I look at it makes me smile.

So after experiencing much success with my GAMMA LYT acronym and routine, I decided to recreate my blog. To take it from a place of writing to get the darkness out, to a place of light and transformation.

Healing won’t happen overnight, but with hard work and belief in yourself, healing can and will happen. Just as it happened to me, it can and will happen for you.

In Conclusion

Hang out with me long enough and I will convince you of your greatness

and your ability to transform your mind.

I know you can because I have been where you are.

I understand the devastation of depression and anxiety and I know their ability to ruin one’s life. However, I also know and have experienced the power of the mind. So much so that my giddy excitement is overflowing! I am living proof that a mind is a powerful tool and that anyone can combat poor mental health.

Our lives are a culmination of all the experiences that bring us to this present moment. Good or bad, your past is simply a story, a chapter in the book of you, and life is all about your perception. Both your story and perception can change… and you have the power to make those changes.

You just need to believe it.

I hope to inspire you to change your own story and alter your own perceptions. After all, you are the creator of YOUR STORY. I hope to inspire you to create new dreams, motivate you to be active, and watch you harness the power of your mind!

This life is yours and your story will determine if you are miserable or happy. Close the chapters that no longer serve you well, and from this moment forward, make your story a good one.

Stop surviving and learn to THRIVE… one amazing story at a time!

Are you ready to reign in your depression and anxiety? What skills do you currently use to cope when life gets hard? Please share your experience in the comments below and share us with your peeps!




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